Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer below to the most asked questions.  Questions are grouped within categories.  If you still can't find the answer to your question please send us a message at and that question will be answered and added to our list.

General Questions

What services are offered ?

At the moment, no services are offered.  

If I subscribe to the service, how do I get notifications and alerts ?

Once again.   We are no longer offering any paid services at this time.

When did you start the Launch List ?

The Launch List Process started in August 2016 as an experiment to see if a consistent process of overnight scanning and intraday trading can be successful.  With mid cap stocks making a strong move from 2016-2019, the Launch List process was a success.  However, the market momentum always shifts and the process is always being updated and refined.  

The Launch List

What is the Launch List ?

The Launch List is a stock watch list that is created on a daily basis based on the market conditions.  The Launch List can be published 2 to 5 times a week.   It has suggested entries and exist targets which are aligned to support and resistance zones on the chart.  Analysis is performed 95% based on the technical price action and 5% on fundamentals.   Every night, we go through hundreds of charts to pick the most technically strong ideas.  You will have to vet these for yourself and seek professional financial advice before using this information.

How can I use the Launch List ?

That is totally up to you.  We use a proprietary software tool called the Command Center to auto trade these stocks.   If you don’t have an automated trading tool, you can setup you trading software with alerts or limit orders to enter the trade at the suggested price or you may modify the strategy to suite your risk tolerance and target growth. Sometimes, waiting for a pull back and entering at a lower risk entry level might be the best approach.  You can also modify the entry and exit prices to suite your needs and risk tolerance.  For example you may decide to lower your Abort price.  If you do so, you HAVE to adjust your share size to limit the loss to the maximum loss you are willing to take.

Does Profit Mission Control take each trade on the Launch List ?

90% of the time we have our Command Center  proprietary software trading the same launch list that is published on the site regularly.  There are times where technology doesn't work, or other conflicts that prevent us from taking a specific launch.  

I see four types of strategies, what are these ?

The Launch List we publish will have one of four strategies.  

  1. Long Breakout: A breakout above a prior resistance with entry above that prior resistance. 
  2. Long Bounce: After a confirmed breakout, entry is suggested at a prior support level where a bounce is expected after a slight pullback.
  3. Short Breakdown: A breakdown below a key support level with entry short at that breakdown level.
  4. Short Ceiling: After a confirmed breakdown, entry is suggested at a prior resistance level where a reversal back to the downside is expected after a slight bounce.

Does Profit Mission Control Follow the exact Entry, Abort and Profit Targets for each Launch List Entry ?

The Launch List is OUR trading plan.  Our goal is to follow our trading plan the majority of the time.  There are situations where we might revise our profit taking and/or abort prices for various reasons mostly dependent on the market conditions.  If a specific price target whether on the profit side or the abort side is reached and we are still holding on the position you will most likely hear from us.  This is part of the Art of Trading where deviating from the plan within reason may be necessary.  We usually have a wiggle on both the entry and exit sides that is adjusted based on the seasonality of the stock market and the trading volume.

How to calculate the number of shares ? and why are those not shared any more ?

To calculate the number of shares to use, reach out to a professional financial advisor.  We use PMC Share Size and Growth Calculator to calculate the number of shares to use per Launch List Entry.  The reason why we stopped sharing this information is because it is not useful.  Each trader has a different account size, risk tolerance and equity growth targets.  We provide some guidance on the calculator page for your reference.  You must choose the number of shares you want to trade based on your capital size, portfolio growth target, the number of open trades you want to hold open at the same time and the maximum loss per trade you are willing to take.

What us the historical performance of the Launch List ?

Profit Mission Control Historical Performance2016-2021
Total Launches1826
 Aborted Launches 59832.7%
 Total Successful Launches (Profit Taking Accuracy) 122867.3%% of Successful Launches
 Successful Launches Above Target 63134.6%51.4%
 Successful Launches At Target 1779.7%14.4%
 Successful Launches Less than Target 42023.0%34.2%
 Maximum Profit/Launch/Share $7.65
 Maximum Loss/Launch/Share -$2.56
Average Profit/Launch$0.25
Average Number of Shares/Launch1881
Overall Profit/Loss Ratio255.48%
Total Profit/Share $$413.74
Overall Profit Factor5.34


Intraday Alerts : Moon Shot, The Heat, Earth Orbit Breakout and more

What are the intraday alerts and how are they different from the Launch List ?

The intraday alerts are intended to be suggested momentum plays for the given trading session.  These alerts are developed and tested for statistical advantage.  Sometime these alerts lead to good trades but they are riskier opportunities and have to be executed swiftly and near perfection.  These alerts are intended for traders with many years of experience. 

Can I get a copy of the Moon Shot Alert or other intra day scanners ?

Sorry, this is not possible.  We do not share or give away our trading strategies or Trade Ideas scanners even with a paid subscription.  The simple reason is that these scanners are continuously being optimized and tweaked for better performance.  Getting a copy today may be not be useful a few weeks or months from now.

I am getting too many alerts on my Mobile phone, is there a way to stop that ?

If you are an Advanced or Premium subscriber and you opted in to receive SMS messages via your mobile phone, you will continue to get these messages.  You can send STOP in a reply to the SMS message to stop receiving  further messages .  Please note that this will not cancel your Profit Mission Control subscription.  You will continue to get the messages through our Discord Channels unless you opt out of that service too.