Here is the latest update to the $50K Launch List Performance Card.   Since the start on 2/05/2019 we completed 16 Launches, 87.5% Accuracy with an average Profit/Launch of $0.30/Launch.  On a per share basis for the challenge start to date the Profit per Share was $4.55/Share.  If you multiply that Profit Per Share times the average number of shares per trade (currently sitting at about 859 shares), that will give you the total approximate profit on the challenge so far.  Overall Profit/Loss ratio was 77.15%  and the Overall profit factor is 4.55 to date.

2019-02-15-Performance Card

Weekly Portfolio Growth Summary

The chart below captures the cumulative portfolio profit growth on a weekly basis since the start of the $50K challenge where we trade a variable number of shares per launch.  This chart only contains the trades that are launched based on the Launch List published on the site.  The profit growth does not include intraday day calls from our intraday alerts.  The portfolio growth is based on actual entries and exits from the Launch List that are published on the site, StockTwitsTwitter and Facebook .  Our goal here is to track our Launch List system profits based on transparent Launch plans that are published 2-5 times a week.

For this week, the portfolio added it's first  $3018.85 with the portfolio inching forward to a total sum of $54,738. 

Profit Recap for the Week of July 13th, 2018

Submitted by Mat Trader on Sat, 07/14/2018 - 15:46

Barely escaped a red week with an afterhour close of one of the launch list stocks $MNK that turned the weekly profit to a slight green week.  It was certainly one of the most challenging weeks especially that the share size has been updated to reflect a portfolio size of $45K.  The new trade tariffs imposed by President Trump on china have certainly caused more turbulence in the market.  Coupled with that is a very low trading volume as we cruise through the summer months.  It felt like nothing is working the way it was supposed to.  Most bre

Recap Image

Profit Recap for the Week of July 6th, 2018

Submitted by Mat Trader on Sun, 07/08/2018 - 14:23

I am back at it.  This week was both short, and I was travelling so the only real action was on the last two days of the week.  Overall, a green profitable week adding another +$2.6K to the portfolio.  A couple of notes that need to be shared.  First, the Launch and profit on $TRXC was actually completed during the week ending June 29 after the launch on June 22nd.  This was the only launch during that week in which I was mostly inactive.  Second, the launch of $AKRX occurred on 6/19 and the st

Recap Image