Mat Trader

Mat Trader (@matmasr) is the founder of Profit Mission Control and has been trading and investing in the stock market since 2004.  Up until 2015, Mat was mostly focused on long term swing trading with limited success.  However, he decided to switch to a more active trading style and further develop his trading skills in late 2015.

Mat holds a bachelors, MSc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering.  He still remains employed  at a US fortune 50 company, but is working on becoming a full time trader in 2019. 

Mat's active trading is heavily focused on momentum breakouts and confirmed trend reversals.  In 2016, he began creating a daily Watch List, which is called the "Launch List" for stocks that meet his predefined criteria.  100% of the Stocks picked are found using Trade Ideas custom scanners.   Since then, Mat was able to use this process to grow a portfolio of $25K to more than $450K in the first year.

In late 2017, Mat started a new challenge with only $2500 equity to test if the Launch List Process can be validated for a small account.   The performance this year has been also highly successful, as that portfolio grew to more than $100K over approximately 11 months. 

In addition to the Launch List Process, Mat has developed other intraday scanners using Trade Ideas that are periodically optimized and back tested.  In most cases these alerts are shared on StockTwits and Twitter.  Some of the famous alerts he developed include the "Moon Shot", "The Heat", "Dodekka", "Course Correction", "Into the Abyss" and "Hypersonic Blast" alerts. 

Before becoming actively involved in the stock market, Mat was an R&D engineer and Team leader for 20 years working on advanced thin film coatings for tribological applications.  He holds multiple patents in that field.  

Mat also is a certified 6 Sigma Black Belt, and has led very complex projects to develop and improve R&D processes in the area of thin film coatings synthesis and validation.  

Mat enjoys running, biking, hiking, space exploration and new technology development.  


Mat Trader