Overnight Scanners

List of Customized Trade Ideas Overnight Scanners
Overnight Scanner Short Description
Cross 50 DMA

This scanner looks for stocks that have crossed the 50 day moving average.

Engines On

Scanner that detects strong momentum in stocks.

Fueling Up

Scanner that detects stocks with hidden daily momentum

Volume Gone Wild

Scanner that detects unusual increase in daily average volume.

The Force Is Strong

This scanner looks for stocks that in the prior session had new intraday ticks most of the session.

ATR > 0.25

This scanner is looking for stocks that have an average true range above 25 cents and have had a strong momentum intraday as well.  A lot of times this scanner has similar candidates like the other scanners, but filters based on average true range.

Gap Alerts

This scanner is based upon stocks that gapped in the prior session and kept the momentum. 

Shorts Nervous

Heavily shorted stocks where a squeeze may be imminent.

Shorts Sweating

This scanner detects a possible short squeeze in action.

Course Correction

This scanner is a daily summary of stocks that triggered on the intraday alert named the same.  These stocks usually are showing signs of a reversal on the daily chart. 

Up PreMarket

Stocks that have been up pre market. Similar to Gap alerts, but with a different recipe. 

Evening Scan

This is the scanner developed by Trade Ideas's chat room moderator, Barrie Einarson.

Market Leaders

Scanner detects stocks that are strong based on Trade Ideas composite score but also setting up for a possible move Long.


This is a catch all category for stocks that were picked based upon special news or other scanners that are not fully defined yet.  In general, stocks tagged with Other, are displaying momentum and above average volume coupled with important news.

Bottom Fishing

This scanner looks for stocks on the daily chart that are extremely oversold.