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Profit Recap for the Week of September 7th, 2018

This week started strong but faltered towards the end.  We almost ended the week in the red but managed to take a small profit and remain green.  Thursday and Friday saw several Launches fail due to lack of momentum and follow through.  It seemed like healthy pullbacks remained that way, a pullback that never resumed the uptrend. 

We did however, reach a couple important milestones.  First, the portfolio touched the $100K for the first time since starting in Dec of 2017.  But, we still ended under that number due to a few loosing launches.  

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Profit Recap for the Week of July 13th, 2018

Barely escaped a red week with an afterhour close of one of the launch list stocks $MNK that turned the weekly profit to a slight green week.  It was certainly one of the most challenging weeks especially that the share size has been updated to reflect a portfolio size of $45K.  The new trade tariffs imposed by President Trump on china have certainly caused more turbulence in the market.  Coupled with that is a very low trading volume as we cruise through the summer months.  It felt like nothing is working the way it was supposed to.  Most bre

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Profit Recap for the Week of July 6th, 2018

I am back at it.  This week was both short, and I was travelling so the only real action was on the last two days of the week.  Overall, a green profitable week adding another +$2.6K to the portfolio.  A couple of notes that need to be shared.  First, the Launch and profit on $TRXC was actually completed during the week ending June 29 after the launch on June 22nd.  This was the only launch during that week in which I was mostly inactive.  Second, the launch of $AKRX occurred on 6/19 and the st

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Profit Recap for the Week of June 1st, 2018

Closed the best week of the year with above average accuracy.  This was only a four-day week yet the stocks that were identified made very solid moves towards the planned profits and beyond.  This week also marks the official cross over of the $2.5K challenge portfolio the $25K milestone.  

If anything, this proves that persistence, discipline and proper risk management can take you where you want to be.   

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Profit Recap for the Week of May 25th, 2018

This week started with a drop as several stocks launched on Monday quickly turned red and hit the abort price.  That didn't last long as the following days brought steady profits culminating a very strong Friday.  Although the profit this week was not as stellar as prior weeks, we still ended up in the green and this is all that matters.  With a good accuracy of 60% and an average P/L ratio of 129% we remained in the profit zone.  Several of the launches we aborted on Monday turned around and ended being profitable, however as the market was a bit choppy we did not relaunch those stocks. 

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