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Profit Recap For The Week of April 28th, 2017

It has been a choppy week for the small cap stocks as most of the attention was on large cap stocks in the midst of earning season.  We published a total of three lists this week with 19 stocks.  We still managed to end the week green despite the volatility in the market. 

One of the stocks that we aborted last week made a rebound to the launch price.  That stock was $EVRI and it seems that the momentum was still on so a renetry at the launch price of $6.07 was successful this time in reaching the profit target goal of $6.41.

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Profit Recap For The Week of April 14th, 2017

This week was slow and choppy.  Yet we made 5 trades with nice wins.  It is the best to plan what you trade and trade what you plan.  Keep notice of the overall market, the volatility is increasing as indicated by the $VIX and $UVXY indicators.  That's why the number of our picks triggering was low.  This is a sign that the market is making it hard to be long.  Are we heading to shorting next ? 

For the week of 4/14 Profit was Launched on:  $ZIOP $MDXG $DRNA $AUXO

Loss on: $ZIOP 

Largest Profit: 7%

Largest Loss: -2%

Profit Taking Accuracy: 80%

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