Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The Monthly Subscription services provided by Profit Mission Control LLC offer immediate information and analysis on a daily basis.  Therefore, we operate on a NO REFUND model.

To cancel or discontinue your monthly subscription and auto renewals please use one of the two following methods:

1) Log in to the website and process the cancellation through your account profile or clicking on this link.  Please note that a new log in box will be presented where you have to enter your password and wait until you receive a code to enter the membership billing site.  

2) If you prefer, you can contact us at to have your account cancelled or changed (upgraded or downgraded).

Monthly memberships are cancelled at the start of the following billing cycle. No prorated or partial refunds are issued.  To cancel your membership please take action at least 10 business days before the next billing cycle. 

Any termination request made after the beginning of a billing cycle will be processed to end before the next billing cycle begins.  In other words, if you cancel a day after you’re billed, there are no refunds, however, you will not be billed starting the following month and if you cancel during the month, you will continue to get access until the end of the billing month in which you cancelled.