Share Size and Portfolio Growth Calculator

About the Calculator

Based on popular demand, here is the online version of our Share Size and Portfolio Growth Calculator.  This tool was developed by Profit Mission Control in 2017 using Excel and has been instrumental in creating the trading plans for 2017 and the new $2.5K challenge.  Several of our great followers have requested a copy.  Instead of sharing the Excel file, a stripped down version was recreated for the web so that you can use anytime here. 


What is it For ?

This tool helps you implement sound risk management when determining the proper number of shares to procure as you enter a trade.  The tool will also calculate the portfolio growth based on your starting equity and your individual profit/risk and accuracy.  These factors are essential to achieving profitable growth.   If you are not familiar with these topics, I highly suggest you read more about Risk Management, Profit To Loss Ratio and Profit Factor.  The video shown here explains in detail these topics as well as how to use the Calculator. 

So is the Calculator Free ?

While the use of this Calculator is not restricted and no payment is required prior to use, if you find the Calculator useful and would like to support our site for developing similar tools in the future, we kindly ask you to consider chipping in with a $20 payment to cover some of the development and publishing costs. 

Share Size & Max Stock Price Launch Plan  
This tool calculates the number of shares to buy for a Launch based on the equity owned, the maximum account risk, the trade risk, and commission cost. It also calculates the portfolio growth based on the Profit Factor and Accuracy. 16 Abort Price    
17 Profit Price  
1 My Equity (or Wipeout Loss)   18 Max Loss Net Profit  
2 Max Account Risk% 19 Min Profit  
3 Round Trip Commission $   20 Profit/Risk Ratio    
4 Launch Risk $ 21 Profit Taking Accuracy  
5 Loss Cap/Launch $   22 Portfolio Growth Target  
6 Max Account Risk/Launch   23 Profit Target/Launch    
7 Risk/Launch - Commission 24 Launches to Growth Target  
8 Number of Shares Per Launch   Portfolio Growth Summary  
9 Commission % To Risk   25 Total Number of Launches    
10 Buying Power Multiplier   26 Number of Winning Launches  
11 Number of Open Launches   27 Number of Losing Launches  
12 Buying Power   28 Total Portfolio Profit  
13 Max Stock Price Per Launch   29 Total Portfolio Loss  
14 Cost/Launch   30 Total Net Profit  
15 Loosing Launches To  Wipeout   31 Ending Portfolio Balance  

The following document outlines the proper use and explains what each row/cell parameter means.  You can use it to guide you through the Calculator.


This calculator is designed to be an informational and educational tool only, and when used alone, does not constitute investment advice. We strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a financial services professional before making any type of investment. We also encourage you to review your investment strategy periodically as your financial circumstances change. This model is provided as a rough approximation of future financial performance. The results presented by this calculator are hypothetical and may not reflect the actual growth of your own investments. Profit Mission Control is not responsible for the consequences of any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon or as a result of the information provided by this tool. Profit Mission Control is not responsible for any human or mechanical errors or omissions and can not guarantee the accuracy of this tool.