Subscription to our services is temporarily on hold until further notice. 

Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Publish a Launch List Every night ?

The simple answer is, it depends.  If the market overall conditions are healthy, and our risk monitor is green and our scanners are picking enough opportunities with good setups, we publish a new Launch list almost daily. In other cases, we may opt to publish only one or two lists a week.

How Many Stock Trading Ideas Are Published in a Given Launch List ?

Again, this depends.  In some cases only one or two picks are added to a new Launch List, in other cases up to 10 ideas are provided.  It all depends on the health of the overnight scanners and the overall market conditions. 

Do you offer a yearly or quarterly subscription plan ?

At this time, we are only able to offer monthly subscription plans for our three packages.   We expect that annual subscriptions with discount to be offered soon. 

What is a Launch List Anyways ?

The launch list is a collection of stocks that have met our proprietary technical  conditions on the nightly TradeIdeas stock scanners that we use.   The list is our template for profit making and serves as the Launch Plan for each stock that becomes a launch candidate on the list.  You can find more details on this page.

What is Your Refund Policy ?

All customer purchases at are under a no refund policy. Please contact us if you have charge issues with your account. Monthly memberships are cancelled at the start of the following billing cycle. No prorated or partial refunds are issued.  To cancel your membership please notify us in writing 10 business days before the next billing cycle.

How do I get notifications and alerts ?

If you sign up for either the Advanced or Premium Packages, you will get access to "almost" real-time alerts using two main channels.  We use both Discord and SMS messages to deliver those alerts.  On Discord, alerts are sent inside of several channels corresponding to the alert type.   These channels will send a push notification to your device so you never miss an alert.  If you also agree to receive the notifications using your mobile phone number, all alerts will be sent to your mobile phone as a SMS messages.  

Is there a trial period ?

We do not offer any free trials.  It is our responsibility to ensure our current members enjoy an exclusive and premium service. 

Can I cancel my membership for any reason ?

You many cancel your membership for any reason.  Please use our account portal to request a cancellation.  Please know, however, that our Terms and Conditions explain in more detail our cancellation/refund policy.

What are the advantages of the Advanced and Premium Subscriptions ?

With both the advanced and premium memberships you not only get access to our Launch List, but also to "near real-time " alerts.   When trades are entered on the Command Center, alerts are fired to our Discord channels and SMS.  With the Premium subscription plan, you get also our alerts on Intraday scanners like the Moon Shot Alert, The Heat Alert, The Earth Orbit Breakout Alert and more.