Profit Recap for the Week of January 5th, 2018

Submitted by Mat Trader on Sat, 01/20/2018 - 11:38

I was trading lightly these last couple of weeks and only traded one stock $MNTA before I went on vacation and was holding $SN from launch on 12/21.  These two positions were both winners and $MNTA was a great winner making a $2 move and even more if I held on to it more. 

Accuracy was 100% and I am glad that I am starting to build a decent cushion for moving forward.  Now that the equity is growing, my chances of wiping out my equity fast slight begin to diminish.  Slow and steady is the name of the game ! 

Happy trading.

Recap Image

This is cumulative portfolio growth chart that captures the profit on a weekly basis from the $2500 challenge start trading a variable number of shares per trade. This chart only contains the trades that are launched based on the Launch List published on the site.  The profit growth does not include intraday day calls from our intraday alerts.  The portfolio growth is based on actual entries and exits from the Launch List that are published on the site, StockTiwtsTwitter and Facebook and are traded using our SureTrader Platform.  Our goal is not to brag about profits whether they are real or not, our goal is to track a winning system that generates profits based on transparent Launch plans that are published 2-5 times a week.

For this week, the portfolio gained $332.70 reaching a total sum of $2924

Portfolio Image

Here is the latest update to the $2500 Launch List Performance Card.   To date 33 Launches, 57.6% Accuracy with an average Profit/Launch of $0.16/Launch.  On a per share basis for the year to date the Profit per Share was $2.26/Share.  If you multiply that Profit Per Share times the number of shares per trade, that will give you the total profit per year.  Overall Profit/Loss ratio was 117.11% and the Overall profit factor is 1.59 to date.

performance card